The Art of procrastination

The Art of procrastination

This is almost my third attempt at writing this article and for some reason I just prioritize something else each time I think I want to write this article on social media experiment that I did to sum up all different experiences I went through. Why is it that I procrastinate the one thing that I really love? I mean it’s just so ironical. You love it but you still won’t do it. What do I fear? Not really sure about that but I do know I have always kept the best things I want to do for the last when I am done with everything else. I think I believe in keeping the best for the last and so I really just spend a lot of time in being almost sure that I have done everything else before I get to writing. However insane that might sound, that is true.

Well this is the fourth attempt at writing this article and a zillion thoughts later. I doubt myself in that case – do I really love to write? Or is it just in my mind. Like I literally cleaned the house, then I thought maybe my husband wants to watch our daily quota of Netflix and then I just started cleaning my MacBook like the least important of it all but I did all that so I can escape writing. I don’t know why I keep avoiding it.

Ok, so this is the fifth one and I come back just the next day, which is great. Reason – we woke up and it is a usual Sunday morning and I was going to bury my head in all the routine and we were just discussing on how we can better manage our time over the weekend. To which I said my problem is that I prioritize house cleaning, household stuff before my writing or reading or other personal habits. To which my husband asked me

what is the one thing, which would pain me on Monday morning if I wouldn’t do it.

-Motivational one-liners by my not so philosophical husband

And I think I got my answer it would be THIS, if I am not able to complete this write up I would be quite disappointed. And thus I overcame my laziness or whatever that I was doing to delay the writing. I just took my laptop, wrote the article and there I was done. However I didn’t really publish until almost a month. But I wasn’t really gung-ho on the whole publishing thing, I just wanted to collect my thoughts in one place and really write it down.

And this is the sixth time I actually opened this write-up so I can finish it and only then crash for the day. Did you hear that? As I said it wasn’t the first thing I did today, it is the last and that’s what I need to improve upon. What I have learnt is I need to get better at doing what I want to do the first thing in the day probably after brushing and breakfast. And just do it. And get it out of my mind to be able to cut myself that slack. It’s something you want to love; you aren’t in love with it as of now, but you want to and if you make it a task it becomes one and a burden. So I am far from it being a habit but I am getting a little better each day. And the good thing is I have already published my first article on social media and I promised myself I shall post one each week. I shall keep writing and I need not be perfect about it. It need not be my best article, need not spend crazy hours researching and thinking and rewriting it. I am just going to write it and post it and improve a little every time I do that. Because this way I shall keep doing it and not procrastinate.

So I hope if you read it this far and found my story useful, take a small step and make a habit.

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