Mind over matter to conquer the muscle

Mind over matter to conquer the muscle

So in today’s workout training, my trainer said while doing planks – it’s all about mind over matter, you can do it if you think you can do it. As they say, ‘most battles are first fought in the minds of the great warriors and then in the battleground’. It is true, isn’t it? So if you are into fitness and the next time you want to give up while doing planks, just try to think of something beautiful, some place serene, some delicacy of your choice (although that would prove counter-productive, but for this example, let’s assume you can prowess your mind into thinking anything better than that workout) and I bet you, you can do a little more than before. Now that ain’t unheard of in the workout circles. You might have heard it a million times we need to push our limits each time.

It’s no different in life you need to push your limit each time you want to give up on your dreams, each time you want to quit that job, each time you want to break free from routine, each time you want to break that relationship, you say, No, not today, today let’s push the limit a little harder. Nopes. No. Nah. Never!!! What? No, that’s not what you mean? What do you mean then?

If you thought this was some motivational piece, then it isn’t. You don’t find yourself progressing in your career and are stuck, quit that job. You don’t find the relationship as exciting as it used to be; you don’t have the mental bandwidth to deal with the tantrums of the better (rather worse) half, let yourself and the worse half free of the bondages. if you don’t enjoy your routine, change the course and find something you are passionate about – now that ain’t that easy and I know because I am trying since decades and haven’t fully ever understood it was writing although I have been writing ever since I was a kid and I never gave up on it and it’s for the next article, but you get the point. So what I am saying is, do not push your limits where it makes little sense to you. I am a big advocate for change and so I would be the first person to advise, explore something different and try something else especially when we have a dearth of options in this universe.

However, sometimes changing from one course to another rarely helps. Sticking to the path you chose a little longer than you’d initially want to would bring wonders to your life. If you are an entrepreneur or at least daydream of becoming one soon, don’t just try something and give it up because it didn’t work initially. If you are a writer and you published a few stories on your social media, got a few likes but didn’t create a stir, don’t give it up. If you are a cook and a few dishes didn’t turn out to be exactly how you’d expect, don’t give it up. If you are an activist and your initial few blogs/initiatives didn’t ignite the spark, don’t give up. You get the drill or should I keep continuing. Pushing the limits, heh! Anyway the point is just as in the workouts that extra step, that extra push, that extra minute is all that makes the difference, you need that ‘extra’ in your life to make the difference you are longing for. The difference to your muscles, the difference to your mind and the difference to the matters that matter.

The sense of accomplishing a little more than you could, the sense of being your best self, the sense of conquering the space that once felt impossible, is what makes mind over matter to conquer the muscle.

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