Till when will you remain silent?

Till when will you remain silent?

You get asked for coffee, sometimes dinner and often dates
You say ‘No’, you subtly show the ring
But they won’t listen, they won’t care — they’d still ask;
“Can we at least be ‘friends’?”

Till when will you remain silent?

You get ignored, your arguments not valued,
They say you don’t have much skin in the game
Oh, Kiddo!, You are just an amateur, You have just begun.
They think they are the stalwarts,
They have seen it all and they know it all

Only if their thoughts weren’t so shallow, their values so hollow,
let’s be real — who is the real novice and who the wise, after all!
Your ideas get dismissed no matter how fresh, offbeat or creative,
no doubt they use the same old lens, the same old narrative!

Till when will you remain silent?

Your work gets taken away, tossed and turned, twisted and churned
presented to some old, some new, some fools and some ‘Who are you?’

Some get applauded, some get acclaim, some make me realise what I earned
But some remain as beautiful packs and some give me those Monday blues

Till when will you remain silent?

You get those snarly eye-rolls if you ask too many questions or considered ignorant if you ask too less! When do you stop getting judged?
You get manipulated ever so often you don’t even realise when it started and where it ends, everything is hazy and confusing. Why do I care so much?

Till when will you remain silent?

You struggle to join the dots; you run from pillar to post
You get the back story and make sense of those annoying jargons
Why you’d ask? Because let’s be honest — no one likes easy, no one likes plain
All the more if it’s run by all Jacks and critiqued by a Jane!

Till when will you remain silent?

You still wake up, gather all your might, get your mind right and go through the grind. Day in and day out, months pass by and years follow suit
Year after year- You complain a little, learn a little and grow your kind.

You realise the system is broken and ruthless
You criticise for the better, but you get told ‘Everything’s fine’
You wonder what is ‘truth’ and what ‘lies’ anymore. When they defy logic, miss the obvious, care for none and not a dime.

Not anymore and not for long

Don’t remain silent

Don’t lose that hope and definitely not that intent
The world has just begun and it’s only 2000 years old and we have a billion more to go
Kindle that burning rage and collect all those powerful thoughts — the war has just begun, and there are a million battles to be fought!

The pen is mightier than a sword
Fight with a pen and slay with your word
Speak up, Speak right and Speak now

One thought on “Till when will you remain silent?

  1. Human have variety of nature . some respond late Silence doesn’t mean no reaction.It may be way of life to many

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