About Me

About Me

Hey there!

I have created this blog to talk about issues in a deeper context. Now I am no expert on these topics but I thought it might be worth sharing my perspective because there might be someone just like you reading my blogs and relate to things I have said. I have started this as a side hustle but trust me when I say this – ‘it much more than just a project to me’. It gives me an avenue to express myself, my thoughts, and it means so much more than the full-time job I have. Writing is no job, no task – it is pure passion and love.

Now I don’t use those words lightly as you will have noticed if you have read a few of my blogs, I would write something out of personal experience and feelings with full honesty. I write about quite a few interesting categories and it ranges from some light reading on my personal or professional life stories to some hard-hitting topics concerning social or political issues that requires a lot more research and are fact-based. And that is me! I can’t decide between the two, so I chose both.

Why choose between lemon and Lime when you can have both

1) Productivity & Growth –  Everyone can relate to stories and the important life lessons that we can learn from each other’s stories. It is this persistent quest to better oneself, grow and develop one’s personality that makes me read a lot on this topic and pen those never ending thoughts in an easy and simple manner.

2) Social Issues – We live in the age when we face some crucial issues concerning all sections of the society, some fairly bigger global issues like climate change to smaller issues like the use of social media and its impact on our daily lives. I truly believe it is imperative that we talk about these issues to create awareness and raise concerns.

3) Current Affairs – This is again something I am passionate about specifically since 2011 when i started taking interest into the political affairs of my country – India and seeing how the dynamics were changing with a new face and leader coming to power in Delhi, some ugly scams coming to light, the country being plagued with policy paralysis at the time, everyone coming out in large numbers to protest the ‘Nirbhaya’ case, it was truly a period when there was a paradigm shift happening in India and so got me glued onto understanding a few bits of politics. Also, it is imperative we talk about them amidst the era of fake news.

4) Travel – Now I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a few places around the world in the last decade and with that I have collected plenty of memories and crazy travel stories which I would love to share with you.

5) Industry/Corporates – Having spent 7 years in Banking industry, I have spent significant time in understand about varied aspects of the corporate life, the strategies, roles, professionalism, policies, regulations, risk management and the life-cycle of change. It would be such a waste if I wouldn’t write those experiences, share some of those insights with you. Now I understand it isn’t the most interesting and fascinating category for most, but when we spend at least half of our lives there, wouldn’t you want to know more about some common challenges and some exciting stuff of being a part of the bandwagon?