Why I took 30 years to believe in myself?

Why I took 30 years to believe in myself?

You need to protect your beliefs. You need to believe in yourself. “There is no right or wrong”, “it’s all in the mind”. How many times have you heard this and go, “Oh! I believe in myself and I don’t have any issues in doing what I truly believe in”? If you fall in this category just like me until now, then you are probably living in a bubble. 

We never truly believe in ourselves, I mean there are some over confident assholes who do but I am talking about the other normal people like you and I. Most of us choose the comfortable option even when we know the risk-reward quotient of this other option is way higher than option 1 – have you ever wondered why do we do that? Because we don’t really believe in ourselves. We never fully believe we can do something spectacular, create something magnificent, make it big in our career, until we do.

We aren’t the best judge of ourselves, and so most often we underestimate our true potential and our beliefs. We constantly doubt the outcome of our choices and are too afraid of going the unknown path. And that leads us to the life of an average Joe going through the daily struggles of life just the way it is doing little to almost nothing to change this. 

Coming to my story, I doubted myself too. Should I pursue writing? Should I create my blog? What if no one reads it, what if people don’t find worth in it? What about those millions of books and literature that is already published? Should I check what is already out there? Like there were a billion thoughts and I call these a billion noise that I had to shut down. I just said to myself, I want to write because I WANT TO. There, just right there I had my answer in those three words – ‘I want to’. I want to write because that gives me satisfaction. I want to write because that is my avenue to reach out to you. I want to write because I get to explore my creativity. It was simple.

When you find this purpose, you easily overcome those earlier doubts – so what if there are a million books already written – that would still not solve my purpose, what if no one finds merit in what I write, but guess what I will never know unless I put them out there and let people decide

You see what I mean? Do something because that is what you love to do. And when you do that, you would believe in yourself. Because trust me, you are limited only by your own thoughts. Spread those wings and soar high, the world is your territory or your canvas if you are a painter or your notepad if you are interested in writing like I do.  

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