Tiny House Sheds That Are Actually Cool Bars

Death, taxes, and mowing the lawn. There are some things in this world that are simply inevitable, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few changes. Instead of spending your weekends mowing the lawn, why not turn that shed into the best backyard bar in the neighborhood? These people did just that, and now have the most amazing pubs housed right in their own backyard, perfect for any summer gathering!



A clever place to escape to when you get yourself in trouble, the Doghouse is made for comfort and reliability, with plenty of beer on tap and sports on screen. What more could a man need?

via John Horne / Readersheds.co.uk



A playhouse turned pub, Shenanigans transformed from tea party central to a pub full of good drinks and cheap laughs… or cheap drinks and good laughs. Whatever works.

via Peter Roberts / Readersheds.co.uk

The Three Lions


Maximizing a small space is no easy task, but The Three Lions is a perfect place to crack a beer and catch up on sports all in the privacy of your own backyard.

via Jamie Pearce / Readersheds.co.uk



Not quite a Wonder of the World, Woodhenge is in the unique shape of a heart because it’s located in the “heart” of the garden. The bar holds over 500 unique beers and is perfect for any get-together.

via John [Henry] Plumridge / Readersheds.co.uk

The Golden Pheasant Lodge


Not your traditional backyard shed, The Golden Pheasant Lodge was a former farm store that now houses an amazing home bar perfect for hosting friends and family year round!

via Gary Curd / Readersheds.co.uk

The Center Of The Universe MK 2


Made completely from recycled material, this bar has everything including a sky lounge to gaze upon the stars.

via Jamie Fisher / Readersheds.co.uk

The Pickled Newt


Slot machines, a newt pool, and of course beer make up the Pickled Newt, which even comes with a bathroom in case nature calls (and it will).


via Ruth Phillips / Readersheds.co.uk

The Tavern


Truly a work of art, The Tavern is exactly what any young man should strive to attain in their backyard, fitted with plenty of seating, TV, and of course it’s all handmade.

via Scott Cole / Readersheds.co.uk

The Troff


Sure, The Troff may be a little bigger than most sheds, but when you add your own bar, Wi-Fi, and dartboards, you have yourself a great backyard bar no matter how you label it.

via Gavin Maddern and Amanda Davies / Readersheds.co.uk

JJ’s Bar


Now these guys know how to party! A fully stocked bar, plenty of room to dance, and all you can watch TV, right in your own backyard!

via James Morris / Readersheds.co.uk

Luke’s Bar


In memory of their fallen son Luke, this family made their bar in his honor. What a fantastic way to remember a loved one while creating a bar to make new memories!

via Mark Farmer / Readersheds.co.uk

The Stopstop Bar


Named after a Spanish rock band ‘StOp sToP’, the bar features plenty of class and attitude complete with an oak paneled bar that will certainly bring the noise!

via Tim Spalding / Readersheds.co.uk

Cyril’s Bar


Turning an old brick shed used to house an oil tank into a bar was a genius idea, especially with the addition of personalized lockers so friends can have their favorite drink on hand any time they swing by.

via Dick Chivers / Readersheds.co.uk

Rainbow’s End


Built entirely by hand, Rainbow’s End has a fully stocked bar and plenty of seating to make for a great backyard paradise.

via Robert Cameron / Readersheds.co.uk

Badger Bar


Perfect for summer drinks with its built-in bar shutter, or winter brews with its insulated interior, Badger Bar has it all for your backyard drinking needs year round!

via Charlotte Mead / Readersheds.co.uk



Named after the family dog, Lamie, Lamielog features a wood-burning stove and plenty of homemade brew on tap!

via Steve Prout / Readersheds.co.uk

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