The Pinterest FAILS That Ruined Christmas!

With Christmas just around the corner, you can bet a lot people will be going onto Pinterest to find amazing holiday baking ideas that’ll leave their family and friends in awe. Where else would you learn how to make adorable little reindeer cookies with pretzel antlers?!

The following 15 people went on Pinterest and left their family and friends in awe for all the wrong reasons. Let these stories of tragic baking disaster serve as a reminder that baking is a hazardous activity and not all of your projects are bound to be successes. That’s okay though, because even if your baked goods look like garbage, they probably still taste okay. Since you won’t want to give these abominations away as presents, you can just gorge on your own delicious failed creations and forget about the time and energy you wasted!

Reindeer cookies.


via Bakergirl | Instagram / @jaisonhenry

Look at these adorable strawberry blob creatures!


via TISLstyle | Craft Fail

Every child’s favorite Christmas character – The Pizza Monster.


via Instagram / @mollykhonig

They thought this festive fruit tree was going to look… fuller.


via Saurabh Deoras / Ginger and Garlic | Instagram / @natalia_kills_you

Nothing says Christmas like a gingerbread house.


via My Name is Snickerdoodle | Instagram / @ericamreilly

This gingerbread man appears to be suffering from leprosy.


via reddit / Broseidon16

Betty Crocker pre-made mixes are easy, right?


via Instagram / @drobstar

Spread the Christmas spirit with reindeer cookies that look like aliens.


via Glitter Guide | Instagram / @belchapo

Is that a poinsettia or a wounded starfish cookie?


via Instagram / @jamie.claude

How do you get your meringue so fluffy?


via Instagram / @bevarndt3

Snowman cake pops can’t be that hard to make, right?


via 52 Kitchen Adventures | Instagram / @disneyana89

Christmas Swirl Cookies  can’t be that hard to make, right?


via Sprinkle Bakes | Instagram / @thisishayleynolan

This reindeer has seen some stuff, man.


via Instagram / @lizjoyc

Cookie Christmas Tree.


via Baker Bettie | Instagram / @devann.lucas

Snow globe cupcakes sound pretty tough to make.


via Sugar Hero | Instagram / @maiastarz

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