Living in Luxury: 30 Incredible Mansions of the NFL’s Finest.

Is there any sport in the world that conjures up more excitement than football? From high impact tackles to acrobatic catches in the end zone, the NFL is at a different level than any other game.  As a result, NFL players get ridiculously large contracts in order to show off their skills. Consider Colts QB Andrew Luck: the young QB signed a 6-year contract worth $140 million — that’s generational wealth. So, let’s take a look at how some of these athletes live when they aren’t on the field. Listed below you’ll find 30 insanely luxurious mansions that are home to some of the finest players in the NFL. You’ll be shocked by who owns #7.

30. Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks

Wilson is the most exciting player in the NFL and he gets paid like it. This mansion looks out over Lake Washington in Seattle. Wilson, who lives with his girlfriend Ciara, loves that the home came with its own dock. If you wanna live like Russ’ then you’ll need to shell out a cool $6.7 million.

29. Devin Hester – Baltimore Ravens

You don’t become the greatest return man in NFL history without cashing a few big checks. Hester’s home is located just outside of Chicago and it covers all of 10,000 square feet. Hester values the home at roughly $2.65 million — less than what he’d get paid for a single year of football.

28. DeMarcus Ware – Denver Broncos

DeMarcus Ware’s home is just like the man himself: large and imposing. Ware’s home has 6 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, and a private movie theater. Can you say ‘living large’?

27.  Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers

You’re going to quickly learn that quarterbacks get paid like royalty. Philip Rivers, QB for the San Diego Chargers, has a home to salivate over. Here we see a private swimming pool and hot tub in front of his $3.3 million home. Six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a wine cellar and a library all fit inside.

26. Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears

Cutler is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play for the Chicago Bears, though that might not be saying much. His gorgeous home is shared with TV star Kristin Cavallari as well as their children. Located in Winnetka, this mansion leases for nearly $10,000 per month.

25. Kurt Warner – Retired

Warner was the leader in the Arizona Cardinal’s Super Bowl Championship so he, of course, got paid handsomely. This home, located in Arizona, is worth nearly $5 million. You’ve got a modern pool, giant window fixtures, and nearly 10,000 feet of space to rumble around in during retirement.

24. Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski is the party boy of the NFL and his home definitely validates that reputation. This amazing bachelor bad is located in Tampa, Florida and it covers nearly 4,800 square feet. You’ve got elevators, private pools, and surround sound throughout the property.

23. Brandon Marshall – New York Jets

New York Jet’s wide out Brandon Marshall certainly knows how to live big. This Florida-based home is worth $5 million and it features 2.5 acres of private land in a gated community. A full-sized basketball court and a private movie theater highlight the property.

22.   Warren Sapp – Retired

Sapp had to file for bankruptcy back in 2012 and we can pretty safely assume that this gigantic home was why. This Oprah-sized property has a water park built in the back which featured an Olympic sized pool.

21. Peyton Manning – Retired

We aren’t sure who has paid Peyton more: Papa Johns or the NFL? This $5 million home is located in Colorado and it sits on 16,464 square feet. This is a classic style home which features just about everything that you can imagine.

20. Patrick Peterson – Arizona Cardinals

As a Pro Bowl cornerback, Patrick Peterson was able to afford a high-end home for himself. This $1.3 million mansion features over 8,300 square feet of space with a gigantic 22-foot fireplace as the primary fixture. Two swimming pools, a theater, and a pool room contribute to the entertainment.

19. Tom Brady – New England Patriots

Welcome to Brady-Land. You are looking at a palace, not a mansion, worth over $40 million. This Massachusetts-based home has everything you could want — and we mean everything.

18. Elvis Dumervil – Baltimore Ravens

Never undervalue a hard working lineman. Dumervil’s Floridian home is large enough to shack up the entire defensive line. There’s a movie theater, a wet bar, and a game room for entertainment.

17. Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys

Located in the heart of Dallas, Tony Romo likes to live large in his enormous castle-like mansion. The building is over 32,000 square feet in size and it features a swimming pool, a spa, and a private gym to go along with six bedrooms. If you want the house then fork over $9 million and she’s yours.

16. Matt Forte – New York Jets

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Matt Forte’s old home is something to marvel at. There is a 60-foot tall spiral staircase that leads to a private rooftop for large parties. The house has over 9,000 square feet of space and a movie theater that could comfortably seat the entire starting roster for the Chicago Bears.

15.  Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers

Rodgers is the NFL’s golden boy and he is certainly living like it. This gorgeous home has a massive pool, a private gym, and a ritzy spa all on premises. It sure doesn’t hurt to be the best QB since Brett Favre to start for your team.

14. Michael Strahan – Retired

Strahan is a globetrotter with homes all over the place. This L.A. home features Mediterranean style furnishings with a large yard and a private swimming pool.

13. Marshawn Lynch – Retired

Now retired, Marshawn lynch gets to spend all of his free time in this gorgeous Richmond, California-based home. 7,000 square feet with five beds and five baths, this home is all you’ll ever need. The home overlooks the San Francisco Bay.

12. LaDainian Tomlinson – Retired

LT was one of the most prolific rushers in NFL history and his home certainly shows it. Tomlinson has a private basketball court, a gigantic garage, a drive-in movie theater, and his own golf course. The house is valued at nearly $5 million.

11. Robert Griffin III – Cleveland Browns

RG3 may not have lived up to his draft hype but he certainly is living the high life. This gorgeous home is located in Virginia and it features three private acres of land nestled right into the backside of a golf course.

10. Frank Gore – Indianapolis Colts

Frank Gore likes to kick his feet up at home in this California home during the off season. There is something about the Mediterranean style of architecture that just screams class and refinement.

9. Adam Podlesh – Free Agent

Even kickers get to cash in some pretty hefty checks along the way. Owned by Adam Podlesh, this little home features five bedrooms and five and a half baths. Not bad for being ‘just a kicker’.

8. Jerry Rice – Retired

No receiver has ever played the game like Jerry Rice. He’s truly one of the greatest of all time. Rice’s mansion is surely up there with the best of all time, as well. This $9 million home was over 13,000 square feet in size and featured a beautiful gym, a private sauna, and even a custom made steam room.

7. Lance Briggs – Retired

While Lance Briggs is retired he is definitely still enjoying his life at this gorgeous home. Briggs purchased this house in Arizona and you can tell that he has great taste. The home features ultra-modern designs, a private pool, and a great gym for staying in football shape.

6. Richard Sherman – Seattle Seahawks

Seattle always pays their top tier talent. Richard Sherman redefined the cornerback position over the past couple of years and he did it while relaxing in this Seattle-based mansion. The house features a private basketball court and the whole home used to be own by NBA star Jamal Crawford.

5. Reggie Bush – San Francisco 49ers

Bush may have peaked in college as a Heisman winner but he still has gotten paid well in the NFL. This incredible home is worth nearly $4.8 million and it features a lavish view over Los Angeles. There’s a private elevator in the house that jumps between all three floors. The house is surprisingly art heavy as well as it features a private art theater.

4. Keyshawn Johnson – Retired

Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson saved up his money for this unbelievable California home. This mansion is next door to pop star Justin Beiber and it features over 11,700 square feet of space. We are all set to dive into that private swimming pool.

3. Deion Sanders – Retired

Deion ‘Showtime’ Sanders has a home to match his flashy NFL style. this mansion is truly gigantic as it measures out over 29,123 square feet. The mansion has a giant indoor basketball court, a private bowling alley, a football field, multiple pools, a private 12-acre lake and even a tennis court. Whew, we’re tired just thinking of all the activities.

2. Troy Aikman – Retired

We continue our trip down NFL superstardom with a visit to Troy Aikman’s $24 million mansion. This house is almost absurdly beautiful and it is located in one of the most exclusive areas of the city. Aikman actually has two mansions in the area.

1. Joe Montana – Retired

You could make an argument that Joe Montana is one of the greatest QBs to ever play the game and nobody would really fight you on it. Montana’s home is located deep in wine country and it has everything you’d expect from the area. Montana has his own private vineyard, a gigantic fireplace, and more yard than you could ever possibly need.

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