Meet The Newest Kardashian: Kirby Jenner

It’s 2016 and the world is currently ruled by the Kardashian and Jenner family. Turn on your television, load up your Snapchat, flip through Instagram — you will see the famous family everywhere you look. One Instagrammer, who goes by the username Kirby Jenner wasn’t content just living in a Kardashian world — he wanted to be part of their world. Thus began one of the greatest Instagram projects of all time: Kirby Jenner would go on to photoshop himself into Kendall Jenner’s life and the results are outstanding. Here are our 40 of our favorite shots of this man’s dedicated work! Follow along with glee as you get to know the now infamous Kirby Jenner.

40. A Very Jenner Birthday

In order to celebrate Kendall’s 21st birthday Kirby had to put something special and classy together. Here we see Kirby rocking some tighty whities while popping a bottle of bubbly. Kendall, well, she just looks fierce. Can you say ‘Twinning’?

39. Courtside Life

Cara and Kendall had company at the Lakers game when Kirby showed up with this mondo-sized sandwich. If you’re going to eat at the STAPLES Center you might as well bring your own food. Cara is looking mighty jealous there, Kirbs.

 38. Graceful Ballet

We don’t want to start taking sides but Kirby looks like the ballet champ here, not Kendall.  We have to give Kendall the edge for the Flashdance pose, though. You don’t luck into killer arches like that!

37. Shaming Kendall

Kirby didn’t know what bothered Kendall more: the tighty whities or the scooter. Probably the scooter. Everyone knew that Kirby was the only extreme athlete in the family.

36. The Fashion Show

While Kendall may be the more high profile fashion icon it isn’t because Kirby is lacking in effort. Kirby Jenner knows how to put a runway outfit together, it’s just too bad no designers are giving him the chance. One day, Kirby, one day.

35. Flower Children

When the world looks at Kirby Jenner what do they see? They don’t see a fashion icon and they can’t stop talking about his mustache. Maybe this photo will help change the conversation a little bit.

34. Gary the Pony

If Kendall and Kirby disagree on many topics there is one thing that brings them together: ponies. Here we see the Jenner twins celebrating Gary’s birthday. A more deserving pony never existed.

33. Jenner Coachella

Coachella is a time to take chances with your fashion. People really wish that Kirby would quit using tighty whities as a crutch for his risk taking. He needs to get out there and try something new.

32. Camouflage Style

Kirby and Kendall both agree that the more camouflaged you are, the better your outfit actually is. One time Kirby showed up to a Red Carpet event and nobody even saw him! That was a major success for his brand.

31. Fashion Icons

Hansel and Zoolander better move over because Kirby and Kendall are coming to town. Here we see the duo rocking an old school bob with delicious eyebrows.  Paul McCartney better look out, someone is stealing the vintage Beatles look.

30. Family Chill Sesh

Oh, your family hangouts don’t include this much white mink fur? Well, that’s just too bad. Kirby once again steals the show, leaving his sisters in a state of shock. How does Kirby keep doing it? The mad man.

29. The Nights Watch

Kirby and Kendall are self proclaimed Jon Snow ‘super fans’ and we can see some of that inspiration in this latest look. Shortly after this photo was taken Kirby whipped a sword out and the show had to be canceled early.

28. Waiting on the Diva

The most impressive aspect of Kirby’s modeling career is that he just breezes through the make up chair. Kendall, on the other hand, seems to always take forever. She’s always worried about ‘looking good’ and ‘representing the product’. Pfft, whatever you say you diva.

27. Straight Up Styling

If you are going to be Kendall Jenner’s fraternal twin then you had better get ready to start modeling. Kirby rock’s a sick denim one piece next to a leggy looking Kendall. We’re not sure who’s rocking the outfit better but Kirby definitely is winning the mustache game.

26. Gigi meet Kirby

Gigi Hadid may be something of a fashion icon but Kirby couldn’t handle how poorly she copied his outfit. Oh well, Kirby will forgive her eventually.

25. Jenner Obstacle Course

For years Kirby had been trying to organize a family obstacle course for his birthday. Finally he got the family to go with it and Kendall ended up winning. There will be no more Kirby Jenner obstacle courses after this.

24. Bazaar Cover

The highlight of Kirby’s fashion career was landing on the cover of Bazaar magazine. Unfortunately he was double booked on the same day as his sister and they had to share the shoot. Oh well.

23. Hair Goals

Kendall thought the photoshoot concept was ridiculous while Kirby was sure that it would be a hit. It’s pretty clear who was right in the end. #TeamKirby

22. Extreme Cactus Athlete

Kirby may be most well known for his modeling but he’s trying to get Kendall on board with his new sport: extreme cactus cycling. Despite Kendall’s enthusiasm for the game  it is still a long way from making it to ESPN.

21. Jenner Prom Night

Kirby decides to throw it old school with this fashionable retro prom photo. Talk about a true fashion icon. We’re jealous of every thread of fabric on his body. Yeah, Kendall looks fine too we guess.

20. Welcome to the Family

Probably the most inspiring thing about Kirby is that he was the first person to truly welcome Kanye to the family. In a way, Kim owes the success of her marriage to Kirby.

19. Wes Anderson Style

You may not know this but Kirby and Kendall are huge Wes Anderson fans. This photoshoot, particularly the red sweater, was inspired by the famous director. Hire ’em,alright, Wes?

18. Ride or Die Relatives

If you can’t go for a ride to Subway with your sister in a million dollar vehicle are you even really related? Kirby shows that blood is thicker than sandwiches here, or something.

17. Fun in the Sun

One of Kirby’s greatest fears in life is getting melanoma on his nose. For some reason this fear makes Kendall laugh manically. Sisters are hard to understand, right?

16. Kirby the Dolphin Tamer

Kendall knew how much Kirby loved dolphins so she paid Sea World to let him pose with one. Here is the outcome of the picture and Kirby is no longer allowed at Sea World.

15. Side Gigs

When Kirby isn’t blogging about his distaste for Sea World he likes to work as the smoke machine for Kendall’s photoshoots. Here is one such shoot and you can already tell that Kirbs is a natural.

14. Kirby and Kendall Water Fun

Kirby wanted to go jet skiing and Kendall wanted to go paddleboarding. Somehow this was the compromise. Kirby no longer likes the ocean very much. He’s just had a hard time of it lately.

13. A Very Jenner Christmas

Kirby and Kendall are so competitive that they give out trophies for everything. Here Kirby awards himself the trophy for wearing the most camouflage while shopping for Christmas trees. Kendall didn’t even know they were competing.

12. Taco Tuesday

When the Jenner squad roll up for Taco Tuesday they do it packing while packing Chihuahas.  Is Kirby’s outfit slightly inappropriate? Does it work? We’ll leave you to judge.

11. Denim Divas

Kendall was dismayed to find out that Kirby had been added to the denim Mango fashion campaign. They even had to share a wall!

10. Every Single Time

Kirby saw Batman and Robin one time and was impossible to live with. Here we see Kirby forcing Kendall to ride in his Batmobile while pretending to like his outfit. What a strong sister.

9. The Glitterati

Kirby searched his family name online once and read enough about the Illuminati to know he had to change their public image. Kirby christened the family the Glitterati before realizing that he was massively allergic to glitter. Back to the all seeing eye, we guess.

8. Subway Endorsement

To be clear: Subway never endorsed Kirby Jenner. Kirby Jenner endorsed Subway. He receives no benefits, no discounts, and no official recognition. Still, Kirby goes hard in order to promote his favorite sandwich.

7. Always Appropriate

The photographer immediately regretted asking for a ‘goofy one’ of the trio. This shot didn’t make the magazine, unfortunately, but Kirby shared it for the world anyway.

6. Calvin Klein Approves

Kendall always worries that Kirby is hurting her brand by partnering up with her photoshoots. It’s pretty clear that Kirby merely brings things to the next level. Again, we want to reiterate that Kirby is in no way affiliated with Subway. In fact Kirby got sued for this shoot but he was okay with it, “All for the Subs, my man.”

5. Roses, Roses, Roses

Kirby famously told Kendall, “If you can’t take me at my worst then you can’t have me at my best.” Kirby is totally stealing the show in this shot. However, we did read that he had tied the net on just a bit too tight.

4. Time to Celebrate

Kirby may have been the forgotten Jenner child but he hasn’t kept it down. Here Kirby rocks out as his old high school mascot while performing his favorite dance move: jumping. #CalabasasHam anyone?

3. Blacking out at Six Flags

Kanye told Kirby not to get on the ride and Kendall agreed. Kirby immediately threw a tantrum and started to cry. So they let him on the roller coaster and thirty seconds after this photo was taken Kirby blacked out. Kanye hasn’t written an album since.

2. Kirby and Kendall Wave to Bieber

Kendall loves Justin Bieber and Kirby doesn’t trust the mousy little singer. The paparazzi’s on Justin’s boat caught Kirby and Kendall saying ‘hey’ to the Canadian popstar in their own unique ways. Bieber was reportedly less than amused saying, “Who is that magnificent jerk in the sombrero?”

1. Kylie Begins Lifting

Everybody in the family laughed when Kendall said that she wanted to be a competitive weight lifter. Who is laughing now?

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