Pictures That Expose The Magic Behind Iconic Movie Scenes

Green screens are ruining Hollywood.

That might be a bit dramatic. As you’ll soon see, the green screen was about the only good part of Final Destination 5. But by and large, they’re ruining my romanticized memories of Hollywood’s most iconic scenes. And that grinds my gears.

I sifted through endless pages of searches like “movie magic revealed” to bring you the crème de la crème of green screen shots and cinematic tricks of the trade that are sure to leave you questioning if anything in Hollywood is real anymore. Hey, it could be worse, you could be the extras that dress up in green outfits and manipulate backgrounds. I don’t think those people even make the credits.

This scene may be green screened but Heath Ledger’s acting was as real as it gets.


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Do you get in the credits for being a cape and hair fluffer?



Maybe they could green screen out Jar Jar Binks from all these movies.


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Now that I think of it, most scenes in this movie seemed unbelievable.


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Arguably the most famous green screen ever.


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I’d like to imagine he’s reading the script and the script simply says, “Be a raptor.”


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Lip-biting passion that only toys can bring out of men.


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I wish there were a pillow mattress floor at the bottom of every dark, endless abyss.


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The dude in the background kills me.


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Well, that takes some emotion out of it.


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This brings some appreciation to acting.


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Master Yoda looks surprised to find out he was played by 4’4″ Indian actor.


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That’s the smug smile of a man who lied to a generation of kids wishing hover-boards were real.


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The raccoon’s face screams, “This is the apex of my acting career.”


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The Hobbit



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