It Seems Like A Nice Picture… Then You See It.

Perhaps we’ve been on the internet for far too long because we no longer trust a picture at face value. Perhaps this paranoia is something of a skill because it sure came in handy regarding the pictures that you are about to see. Listed below are 40 photographs that seem completely normal at first glance. Yet, when you take a second look at these photos something far sinister or even hilarious might manifest itself. Keep on reading and see if #3 gives you chills!

40. Silly Picture or Cry For Help?


Oh, look a beautiful wedding ceremony. Wait, what’s that? We aren’t sure if this is a classic ‘husband to be joke’ or a legitimate cry for help. We suppose, if anything, that this image serves as a Rorschach Test for your own love life.

39. That’s Not a Raccoon.

At first glance, we see a lovely couple out for a night of camping. Then, wait, is that a bear? It looks like the bear got caught in the flash of the camera and just froze there. Here is a friendly PSA for future campers: be aware of bears — they can be very dangerous and you don’t want to end up as a snack.

38. Beach Babe Photobomb.

Here you have a pretty normal picture of a few pretty girls posing together on the beach. It’s a nice shot and we’re sure it’s gonna sell well on Facebook. However, if you look into the ocean we have a lounging dude adding his own epic photobomb. Yeah, this is what a viral picture is made of.

37. New Kid in Class.

Everybody told us that college was going to be different. We didn’t realize that we’d be sharing a lecture hall with dogs, though. We wonder how much tuition they have to pay?

36. Oldest Photobomb Ever?

Could we have just found the oldest photobomb ever? Probably not, but it’s a cool thought. Here seven Union Soldiers pose for a picture during what was likely not a very fun day. An eight soldier decides to have his fun by peeking through the corner.

35. Cringe-Inducing Graphic Design.

Listen, we’re sure that it can be tough to design these nifty little public signs but that doesn’t give you an excuse to do this. What looks like a boring old sign at first glance quickly becomes, well, a little creepy. Scope out the interesting hand gesture that the German teacher is doing.

34. The Loneliest Couple.

These kids are probably having the time of their lives at this dance. They are sharply dressed, the lighting is cool, and everyone — oh. Wait, yeah we definitely feel sorry for that kid.

33. As Dumb as it is Dangerous.

You ever see something beautiful and awe-inspiring – picture- perfect if you will, and then have it totally ruined? Yeah, scope out the rock face and see if you can spot the grown man with the 12-year-old sense of humor.

32. We Have No Words.

We really wonder what’s going on in this picture. Why does the newly wedded couple look so upset and somber? Why is there a guy dressed up like Waldo in the background? So many questions, so few answers.

31. Bad Kids, Go to Your Room.

We are low-key getting a very Dursley – Potter vibe from this shot. Oh, you don’t know what we mean? Look in the upper left-hand corner.

30. Totally Overjoyed.

One person in this crowd seems considerably less happy to be there than the rest. We’ll see if you can find the poor guy.

29. Family Dinner.

So this shot definitely left us feeling a little uneasy. Take a long look at this seemingly normal family dinner. After you do that make sure to look in the reflection of the windows. Something doesn’t quite add up.

28. This Tree is Mine.

Cat owners will instantly see what’s wrong with this picture — and they’ll understand the frustration completely. We think it’s pretty brave of this homeowner to put their computer so near their cats new favorite climbing tree.

27. Everybody, Scramble!

Let’s just say that one of these young hockey players wasn’t quite so popular with the rest of the gang after this picture was taken. Seriously, what are they feeding those kids before they take pictures?

26. Modern Art.

You can’t buy class and you can’t price art. How much for that fluffy, modern looking statue on the bottom row? Wait, did it just growl at me?

25. Golden Photobomb.

Does that dog realize how thorough the process is to get a great selfie? Well, we’re not going to say that this lady is any good at taking them. We assume she wanted to show off her tattoo but maybe not focus on the toilet next time?

24.  This Fridge is Mine.

After years of owning a cat, we’ve quickly come to the realization that we no longer own anything. Everything that the cat wants — the cat gets. To answer our unsaid question: no, we have no idea how the cat opened the refrigerator door.

23. Nightmare Fuel.

Yup! We’ll be back. We just have to go hang curtains over all of our mirrors. Wait, why does it seem even scarier now?

22. That’s Not Deli Meat.

Look long and hard at this one — it’s a tough find.  An important decision was made at this cooler.

21. Legs for Days.

We have to admit that we love pictures that totally blow our mind. That’s why we chose this denim plastered masterpiece. Look for the extra pair of legs. Who do they belong to?

20.  We Need a Higher SPF.

She might be the palest woman on Earth. We’re not sure that there is an SPF high enough to keep her from burning.

19. Day 20: They Still Don’t Notice.

Penguins are the adorable stooges of the animal kingdom. We’re not sure what good they are but we know we’d love to hang out with them. The same goes for this cat who seems to be deep undercover.

18.  Dance of Her People.

What’s a girl gotta do in order to get her own seductive selfie taken?  You probably won’t have trouble finding out, ah, bizarre photobombing enthusiast.

17. Really?

We admit it: bathroom lighting is pretty much the ultimate lighting for a selfie. Still, maybe check to see if anyone is still in the shower before you go on your photoshoot or else you might end up with a shot like this!

16. Heck of a Handshake.

The family would laugh when Little Timmy told them of his plans to only work out his left hand. Who is laughing now? You should see their faces when he goes in for a handshake!

15. What a Night.

When you find your ‘going out’ shoes in the freezer then you know you had a good night. Still, probably don’t leave them in the freezer — that’s kind of gross.

14. Slender Man.

Sure, the whole Slender Man mythos might be so 2012 but that won’t stop him from showing up when you least expect it. Actually, that’s kind of Slender Man’s whole thing. Look out!

13.  What’d Bert and Ernie Do?

We’re not sure we are ready to put Bert and Ernie on the No Fly List but if they keep showing up on posters like this…

12. Uh, Ma’am.

Those mirrors were put there for a reason — we’re just not sure it was this reason. That’s pretty clever. Who needs food anyways?

11.  When You See It.

We suppose there are two kinds of people: those in the bath tub and those creeping through the window. Yikes, maybe get the police on speed dial?

10. Photobomb Level: Master.

Maybe this was going to be a cute selfie to a couple of nice boys. Maybe they wanted a nice picture to memorialize their friendship. No matter what the two girls wanted, that dog had other ideas. We love the mixture of shame and pride in the furry creatures face.

9. The Hunter and the Hunted.

We have a feeling that this proud hunter quickly lost  ownership of his kill. When you go out into the wilderness you end up on a totally different food chain.

8. These Flowers are Mine.

We’re not sure what’s cuter: the fact that this cat thinks that it is being sneaky or how much the feline really wants those flowers. We’ll go ahead and just ay that this picture is awesome from the ground up.

7. Those legs Look Painful.

While we naturally have to wonder what is going on with this girl’s legs we can’t help but notice that weird device in her hand. What is it? Is it an old phone? Is it a weapon?

6. Just Take the Picture.

We’ll give you a hint for this one: the person not smiling is probably the happiest to be a part of this picture. This is an expertly crafted, creepy photobomb.

5. Can’t Choose Your Scales.

Or can you? We have a feeling that this fish is trying to say something to us. Or maybe it just saw a bigger fish. Is this like the aquatic version of texting?

4. He’s Watching You.

So these are the kind of photobombs that cease being fun and start turning a little terrifying. Seriously, once you find him you probably won’t sleep too well.

3. I See You.

This picture goes from classic black and white selfie to pure nightmare fuel in the blink of an eye. Take a look at her peace sign and follow her fingers straight up toward the bed. Commence screaming in fear.

2. Spider Style.

We have a firm ‘hands off’ policy when it comes to gigantic, furry spiders. We’re not sure that this loophole makes us feel any better. Spiders shouldn’t be ‘face sized’.

1.  Mirror, Mirror What Do You See?

Here’s a typical selfie of a beautiful girl. Then your eyes slide to the background, below the window, and into the small mirror. What is staring back at you?

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