The Funniest Fake Photoshops Ever!

Picture fakery is as old as photography, but the Internet Age sure has made things more interesting. It’s not just that so many people out there seem to have great Photoshop skills, but also that they’re using their skills for satire and art. It’s blurring the lines between what’s recognizable as reality and what’s phony. Sorting through the baloney on the internet could give more than a few people full-time jobs.

It’s hard not to admire the imaginations out there sometimes, though, isn’t it? The best fake images play on our fantasies—they’re things we want to believe could be real. Some of these are a bit of a letdown to learn that they’re as fake as a seven-dollar bill.

Wouldn’t it be great if this was an actual train tunnel in Denmark? Maybe somebody should work on this. Because the actual station in the photo looks far less impressive.


via reddit / The_colin


Is this an Angolan witch spider? No, it’s a common wolf spider. It didn’t take several gunshots to take down as much as it took several Photoshop clicks to blow up!


via Museum of Hoaxes

Steven Seagal giving Vladimir Putin the bunny ears treatment? Even the Aikido master wouldn’t be so bold, lest his next morning smoothie contain a lethal dose of polonium. Nope, that image was doctored up and posted on reddit.


via reddit / Hulksterx

It’s true that, during the power outage in LA from the 1994 earthquake, residents were finally able to see the stars. However, the stars weren’t quite this bright. This photo actually comes from a series of photos by digital photographer Thierry Cohen showing what cities might look like at night with the lights out.


via Twisted Sifter / Thierry Cohen

I think we all want to believe it’s possible for a pilot to take a selfie out of the window of a moving jet, but this one is clearly Photoshopped. The background originated on DeviantArt, by userAllyCatastrophe.


via reddit / Sgtmarshmello

GMO vs. non-GMO eggs? How about perfectly hard-boiled versus overcooked? Shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, considering the source of the image: satirical anti-organic group Big Organic.


via Snopes

This photo went the rounds claiming to show a 100,000-strong rally for Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis in Lima, Peru. However, considering rallies in the US only mustered attendees in the hundreds, never mind even the thousands, it’s unlikely Peruvians would show up in such numbers. And, as it happens, the photo is from a separate prayer event in Peru that took place more than a year earlier.


via Snopes

This isn’t a hitchhiker from Woodstock. It’s an ad for clothing.


via Gizmodo

This photo keeps going the rounds alleging to show a total eclipse of the sun from the International Space Station. Actually, it’s a rendering by DeviantArt user A4size-ska.


via DeviantArt / A4size-ska

The photo on the left appears to show a monastery carved into the face of a rock formation in China. In reality, the image was created by Twitter user Archistophanes, a member of online art collectiveReality Cues.


via Paleofuture

Funnily enough, this is approximately what Earth, Venus, and Jupiter might look like from the surface of Mars—but it’s not a photograph. This image was rendered using planetarium software.


via Discover Magazine

Wouldn’t it be great if abandoned stations and tunnels in the Paris Metro became swimming pools? They sure look good in this photo, but it’s actually a campaign concept by failed mayoral candidate Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet.


via Messynessy Chic

Did South Carolina’s Williams-Brice Stadium flood in 2015? Nope. While flooding did hit the area and force a college football game to be moved to Baton Rouge, the stadium itself was spared. It’s Photoshop, folks.


via Snopes

It’s actually a photo of Mississippi blues legend T-Model Ford shopped to look like Einstein.


via Snopes

Are these actual product reviews posted around Ikea? Nope, They’re the work of prankster Jeff Wysaski, who makes fake signs, posts them, and uploads pictures of them to his blog, Obvious Plant.



via Obvious Plant / Jeff Wysaski

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