Cuteness Overload! 45 Dogs Camping To Brighten Your Day

Someone smart once said that the simplest things in life are often the truest. When we are feeling down there is nothing like a photo gallery of adorable puppies to get us back in a good mood. We are going to do you all one better: listed below are 45 of the most adorable dogs in the world enjoying a camping trip with their owners! If these pictures don’t cheer you up then you are probably a cat person and we just can’t help you. Enjoy!

45. Balto in the Fall

Remember the old animated movie, Balto? Well, here’s the Doppelganger of the main character from that film enjoying a nice Fall day out in the woods. Has a hammock ever looked more comfortable?

44. Cozy with a View

If you are going to do some cold weather camping then you owe it to yourself to bring these little heat generators. The dogs will love the trip and you get the bonus perk of staying warm and snug inside of your tent.

43. Dressed for the Weather

So these dogs aren’t exactly ecstatic about their outfit, but you should see their faces once they get to go outside and play!  Actually, we’re impressed that the owners got them to sit still for this shot — our dogs would be little monsters in coats.

42. Sharing a Hug

Is there anything quite like going on a camping trip with your best friend? We don’t know what’s more adorable: the hug or the fact that they are wearing matching harnesses. It’s all just too much to bear.

41. Scout Badge

What better way to score that much needed Scout badge than by taking your owners out for a camping trip? Whoever designed those little stuffed animals is sitting on a gold mine. We want that tiny flashlight!

40. Rest for a Moment

When the burden gets too heavy to deal with then take a moment to relax. What is this dog daydreaming of? The couch back home? Treats at the next stop? Or is he merely living in the moment, enjoying his senses.

39. Heterochromia

We are probably being sold a product with this picture but we just don’t care. Look at those adorable eyes! Heterochromia is a mutation that allows for an individual or creature to have two different colored eyes. Pretty groovy, right?

38. Zen Mode

Dogs don’t worry about bills or problems. When the sun is out and the bed is comfortable dogs are as happy as can be. We might be better off if we learned a lesson from our furry companions.

37. Kayak Ride

Our dog gets excited to go for a walk around the block so we can’t imagine how this Golden Retriever is feeling. Don’t rock the boat, pup, that water looks cold!

36. Tell You About My Best Friend

Through thick and thin, serious and goofy, it’s always nice to have your best friend by your side. The bandannas are almost too much — we’re ready to cry from the cuteness.

35. Love Thy Owner

There is no truer love than that between a dog and their owner. Dogs want your love and nothing more, relaxing in a hammock outside is just a bonus for them.

34. Suspension Tent Goals

Lofted tents are becoming all of the rage nowadays. Here we see an owner and their pet rocking out one of those fancy tents. Can you say #CampingGoals?

33. Too Cool for Training School

This dog is probably playing hooky from training school and we can’t blame ’em. This is what you call completely relaxed: glasses up, paw out, head down – dozing.

32. A Little Cold

All fur coats are not created equal! If you are going camping somewhere cold you need to make sure your dog is equipped to handle it — even if they look silly in your favorite coat.

31. Adventure Dog

We aren’t sure what is most adorable about this photograph. Is it the fact that the dog is jumping through the air? Is it the carrying bag full of supplies? Nope, it’s definitely the fact that this dog is wearing shoes.

30. Shake, Good Boy

Who is really getting the treat in this situation? Is it the Golden Retriever about to receive his favorite jerky? Is it the woman who is enjoying a peaceful evening with her dog and a beautiful view? They’re both winners in our book.

29. Mountain Views

Do you think she misses barking at the mailman? Or is it enough to be out in nature, on a hammock, with her owner? Whatever she’s thinking we’re sure the owner is enjoying the moment.

28. Brisk Morning at Camp

The tea is boiling, the sun is rising, and the sleeping bag is still just warm enough. Talk about a picture perfect morning caught with this picture perfect shot.

27. Hammock Goals

We’ve always been under the impression that dogs would not stand sitting in a hammock. Apparently we need to double check our thinking and get one for ourselves! Still, this is just one wrong moment away from everyone ending up soaking wet.

26. Beautiful Moment

Pugs are too often the butt end of jokes thanks to their scrunched up little faces and awkward tiny bodies. Who is laughing now? This pug looks like it should be on the cover of some sort of Wilderness Magazine. Just look at those orange boots!

25. Just a Little longer

When you are warm and the hammock is cozy it can be hard to get out. This dog seems ready to forego any kind of hiking in exchange for a few extra hours of lounging time. We don’t blame it.

24. Tent for the Cool Kids

That is one cool looking tent and the Husky knows it. Here we see an owner lounging the way is meant to happen: in a luxurious location with your best friends at your side.

23. King of Derp

We can’t all be Baywatch models when we run. So, don’t worry about being graceful and stick that tongue out while you hit the trails. Again, we are in love with these dog shoes. Somebody point us toward a pair.

22. Proud

Some people call pride a problem but we’re in a different camp. Look at how proud this pup is of the stick that it found. We’re not sure how memories work for animals but we have no doubt that this dog will remember this moment forever.

21. Boat Life

The buzz of insects and birds fills the air and the gentle slapping of wave meeting boat are all that you hear. Is it any wonder that this dog can fall asleep so easily? We’re jealous, this looks like the ultimate #RelaxationGoals.

20. Squad Up

Anything worth doing is worth doing with your best friends at your back. The matching green bandannas are just icing on the top of the cake.

19. Photogenic For Real

This Lab is the Barney Stinson of canines: photogenic no matter when the camera goes off. We’ve always wondered if dogs would enjoy these hammocks and we seem to have our answer.

18. Little Smile

Sometimes the moments that elicit a small smile are worth as much as the belly laughs.

17. Snug, Snug, Snug

When you can load up your best buddy into your back pack then you know you are a good match. This little Jack Russel looks comfortable but tired, so the owner is here to take charge.

16. His Own Tent

Look at how proud he is of having his own little tent to sleep in? While it is adorable we are pretty much opposed to this idea because it limits our nightly snuggling sessions.

15. Long Day

After a long hike the crew gets to relax at their camping spot. For some reason we doubt that these two dogs helped with the set up.

14. Paint Me Like Your French Girls

Majestic is a state of mind. Look at this pug and tell us that he isn’t completely majestic! We love his little leather moccasins.

13. Not So Sure

This dog is 100% excited about going hiking but only about 25% excited about being near all of this water. Hold on tight, pup!

12. Warmly Wrapped Up

This dog has effectively redefined what it means to be comfortable while out camping. There’s nothing quite like cozying up in your sleeping back while chilling by the fire pit.

11. Beats Netflix

Think of all the moments you spent staring at a screen instead of the loved ones in your life. The guy taking this photograph is one lucky fella and he surely knows it now.

10. Watching the Sunset

This tent frames up our Packer fans almost like a Hobbit hole would. We love that the dog has his own little chair to watch the sun go down in.

9. Along for the Ride

When your legs get tired it helps to have a friend to carry you. This Border Collie puppy is living the high life, even from the interior of a backpack.

8. Family Portrait

There is probably a human owner taking the photograph but were we crazy to think that this was an all dog trip? Okay, maybe we are a little crazy. Dog’s can’t put together tents.

7. All American Smile

A disability is nothing when you have a good attitude and the willingness to smile. This three legged pup looks as happy as can be out on the trails with her owner.

6. Eno Pals

If you’ve learned nothing else from this article you will surely remember that Eno makes some rock solid hammocks.

5. View of all Views

Dogs in your lap, tent keeping your warm, and mountain view in front of you — what more is there to life? Now, if only someone would haul over some breakfast for the crew.

4. Stylish Coat

This Golden Retriever could wear a trash bag and it would still be adorable. That’s one mighty fine looking coat and it fits the puppy perfectly.

3. On Your Head

Ah, the benefits of being a small dog! The little puppy on top has the best view out of the whole group.

2. Next Destination

Don’t take their calmness for granted, these dogs are already planning out their play day. Where to next?

1. A Little Wet, A Little Dry

You can’t go camping in the summer without hitting the lake. We’re impressed that the camera man stayed strong to capture this shot!

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