16 Crazy Things People Found On The Beach

Veteran Dog Tags


Found in Massachusetts on the beach, these lost dog tags were finally reunited with the hero soldiers’ family in 2015. Treasures washed up on a Massachusetts beach!

via Before It’s News

Diamond Rings


Found in Cape Cod, this ring is appraised at almost ten thousand dollars.

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The Golden Chalice


Diver Mike Demar was cruising around off the coast of Key West and discovered a one million dollar golden chalice, from a Spanish treasure ship that sunk in 1622.

via The Sun

Sea Glass


What once started as garbage can be transformed by Mother Nature into something that is not only beautiful, but can be quite valuable.

via Atlas Obscura

Burrowing Clam Sculptures


Tiny mollusks that dig their way into rock can create beautiful natural sculptures like this one!  Keep your eye out for amazing formations like this.

via Beach Treasures And Treasure Beaches

Sea Serpents!


The rare 13-foot Oar Fish was found on Catalina Island in California, although they can grow up to 20 feet!

via Nature World News



Found near Tampa Bay, Florida, this barnacle encrusted explosive is said to be a World War II-era flash bomb that had been submerged off the beach for an undisclosed amount of time.

via Weather.com

Gold Coins And Forty Feet Of Gold Chain!


A major haul, also off the coast of Florida, one million dollars worth of gold was discovered just fifteen feet below the water!

via Facebook / Queen’s Jewels

Rocket Parts


Found on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this large piece of what authorities think is a rocket is likely from the European Union’s Galileo Satellite.

via Twitter / @CBSMiami

Hand Painted Art


We wish we had more info on these treasures, we know they were found in Morocco, and they are incredible.

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Airplane Wreckage


A local beach cleaner on La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean was simply looking for a rock to crush chilies with and came across pieces of wreckage that solved the mystery of missing flight MH370.

via Daily Mail

Giant Lego Man


A seriously strange find, it’s been said that these 8 foot tall, 100 pound lego men have washed up on four separate beaches around the world.

via Listverse



The weird thing is, these rubber duckies show up by the thousands on beaches all over the world. They’ve been found in Scotland, Hawaii and Newfoundland to name a few.  They are actually seriously helping scientists figure out tidal directions, which is awesome.

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The Nuestra Señora de Atocha


A ship so loaded with treasure that it took two months to log it all before its’ departure in 1622, the Atocha sunk off the Florida keys and was lost until 1985 when Mel Fisher found the wreckage.  The gold, jewelry, diamonds and indigo were valued at $450 million.

via Sons Of Thunder

Shark Teeth


Boring, right? Wrong! These amazing and rare artifacts are not only hard to come by, they actually never come from live sharks, which means they can be anywhere from thousands to millions of years old!

via Shore Lines

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