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So you’ve decided to pick up some craft supplies and make your own scrapbook…but you have no idea what you’re doing. If you’re a scrapbooking amateur, then you’ve come to the right place. We have come up with a list of 16 scrapbooking tips to help guide you through this process. You may be surprised with what you learn!

All you need: 3 basic things

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(1) Paper, (2) scissors, and (3) glue are the most essential things for scrapbooking. You literally can’t make one without any of these things!

Pick your photos


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I guess this would be an appropriate time to choose which photos will go in your scrapbook. These can be photos for any special occasion or just photos of family and friends. Anything goes!

Choose a theme


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It’s time to choose a theme based on the photos that you selected. It can be as simple as a summer vacation, wedding, or even a fishing trip. You can change the theme for each page or keep it consistent throughout the scrapbook.


Make a shopping list


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It’s easy to go overboard when shopping for scrapbook materials…believe me. You originally planned to buy a few basic supplies and BOOM. You come out with 4 albums (they were on sale, okay?) 3 stacks of paper, and a heaping bag of embellishments. You don’t want to become a scrapbooking supply hoarder this early on in your life.

Pick your papers


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It is recommended to plan your pages in terms of spreads (two side-by-side pages) rather than individual pages. Scrapbooking beginners make the rookie mistake of trying to make each page unique but the page can look too busy.  To avoid this issue, use the same pattern paper for each spread. Keep in mind that background paper should enhance your photos, not take away from them!

Mat your photos


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Matting a photo is simple. Pick a color/pattern of card stock that you wish to use and it will make your photos stand out. You don’t need to mat every photo on the page! We recommend that you choose a focal image on the page and work your other photos around it.

Glue is not your only adhesive option


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Sometimes using glue can get sticky and messy if you aren’t careful enough. If you decided that glue isn’t your style, no worries! There are other options out there, including photo tabs, 3M adhesive stickers, double sided tape, and fasteners.

Don’t start gluing anything until you have a page layout!


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There’s nothing worse than gluing something on your page only to realize that you put it in the wrong spot…have fun getting it off! Make sure that you carefully plan what will go on each page and where!

Brads are the newest fashion in scrapbooking


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If you’re new to scrapbooking and unfamiliar with this term, brads are embellishments that are used for scrapbooking. They come in a number of shapes, colors, and sizes! There is a brad for every scrapbook theme out there. They are perfect for adding some decoration or even fastening photos!

Use hole punches to make cool designs


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Instead of sticking things on your page, what about punching them out? You can punch some cool designs into your scrapbook (ex. circles, stars, hearts, etc.) without cluttering the page!

Make your titles BIG…but not all the time


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The title is an important part of the page! Cut out large letters from patterned paper or use stamps and stickers. With this being said, it shouldn’t take away from the photos on the page. Not every page needs to have an overly large title! Sometimes it’s the little descriptions under a photo that tell a bigger story.

Be bold with your fonts


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Mixing a variety of dynamic fonts on your pages will give them a fun and random look! Click on the link below to see 15 cool font ideas to get you started.

Don’t clutter your page with photos


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There are so many photos but so little space…don’t make the mistake of gluing 5-6 photos each page. Instead, we suggest that you choose 2-4 of your favorites. Your scrapbook will appear much neater and more put together!

Don’t go overboard with embellishments


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Sometimes, we get a little carried away with using embellishments…because they’re just so much fun! The best scrapbook pages are actually the ones that keep the embellishments to a minimum. I cannot stress this enough: keep it simple!

Be careful when cutting photos


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It’s so tempting to start cutting up your photos into cool shapes. PLEASE AVOID DOING THIS FOR ORIGINAL PHOTOS THAT YOU REALLY LIKE. If you make a mistake with the scissors, you’ve just ruined the photo! Scrapbook photos also look the best when they are cut into classic shapes (ex. rectangular). If you decide to cut your photos, always use stencils and rulers so that it looks good! Try this cool idea for cutting your photos.

Use patterned scissors


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Decorate the edges of your scrapbook pages with some patterned scissors! The Zig-zag ones are my favorite! Please don’t go overboard with these. Use sparingly.

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