Glitter is SO in Right Now!

I do believe I’ve thoroughly communicated my love of glitter in the past but I’m not going to stop there (obvs). I mean, I’d prefer to see glitter on pretty much everything because it makes everything better, don’t you think? Maybe you don’t, but that’s okay because I’ve got some nail art designs coming up that might just change your mind.

We’re not just going to talk about singular jewels or sparkly polish. We’re going to talk about one of the cutest, coolest, and EASIEST nail trends around: glitter fades! See what I’m doing here? I’m phasing you into the glam life of glitter because, trust me, you’ll never wanna go back!

Pretty in purple always takes the cake!


via Nail Art Gallery / Outerimages

Pretty in pink, wouldn’t you say?


via Polly Polish

For the daring nail art diva…here you go!


via Nail Art Gallery / MargaritasNailz

Glitz and glam. Ummm yes, please!


via YouTube / nailart101dotcom

Oh my, this is exactly what you need for any and all holiday parties you’ll be attending!


via The Nail Polish Challenge

Perfectly simple. Perfectly pretty.


via The Nailasaurus

Well, these are just fab.


via YouTube / Simple Nail Art Designs

Aren’t these just the prettiest?!


via YouTube / Just Me Marianne

Let it snow! Sorry for the reminder but these nails though…


via Chop Suey Nails

Then there’s the good old reverse glitter fade.


via YouTube / PolishPedia

What the picture says. And a black and gold combo will never let that happen.


via The Beauty Department

Never doubt how much an accent nail can do for your mani…even when there’s already a glitter fade involved!


via yelp / Lindsey S.

Or what about that clear look with a dash of color? Pink, naturally.


via Nail Art Gallery / kiana

If the darker shades aren’t quite your thang, a diamond-like, clear number like this is perfect.


via YouTube / iiamjelly

Glitter fades can be kept very simple, but oh my do they ever look great regardless!


via SheKnows

Let’s start off strong with this lovely dark but bright glitter fade.


via Instagram / @nailsbynemo

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