Boozed Filled Foods That Will Get You Hammered!

Hosting a party? Not looking forward to it? Do you need a drink before the planning even begins? Don’t worry, my friend! We have the perfect solution for your party-planning woes: alcohol. Sure, you can take the traditional route and offer a couple of fancy cocktails to your guests, but why not take the experience to the next level by adding booze to the food? More specifically, add the booze to the appetizers! Get the liquor flowing from the get-go and everyone, including the host, will be sure to enjoy themselves for the rest of the night!

PSA: While a booze-filled party can be fun, please remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

Drunk Melon


Just don’t give the kids the stuff reserved for mommy and daddy.

via PartySuppliesNow.com.au

Boozy Fruit Skewers


Show your kids that you love eating fruit and they’ll want to be healthy too…right?

via chaos in the kitchen

Kahlua Pecan Brown Sugar Baked Brie


If the name of this recipe alone doesn’t grab your attention, there’s no hope for you.


Baileys Truffles


It says, “feel free to omit the liquor,” but let’s be serious, without the booze, this snack would be a waste of time.

via momdish.com

Rum Soaked Pineapple Pops


Or sober pineapple for that matter!

via Domestic Fits

Margarita Chex Mix


Move over, boring, kid-friendly Chex Mix! Momma’s got a new favorite recipe!

via cupcake PROJECT

Drunken Grapes


Who has time for sober grapes these days?

via THAT’S SO Michelle

Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Popcorn


As if popcorn wasn’t good enough on its own, now you can enjoy it with a little kick and a lot of chocolate.

via Cupcakes & Kale Chips

Bloody Mary Salsa


A perfect option for any adult “chip and dip” party!

via feast + west

Deep Fried Dirty Martini


The person who thought to incorporate the best part of a Dirty Martini (the tipsy olive) into a cute, cocktail creation is a genius.

via OH, Bite IT!

Beer Dip Trio


Transport your guests into the heart of Oktoberfest with these tasty snacks.

via cake-n-knife

Bourbon Chicken Wings


Enjoy your coke and bourbon in food form with this tasty appie!

via Kirbie’s Cravings

Whiskey Meatballs


Meatballs are always a party-goer’s favorite, but why not blow their minds by adding some whiskey to this traditional snack?

via My Homemade Life

Tequila Battered Onion Rings


Honestly, you can’t go wrong with onion rings, so this boozy version will surely satisfy your next party crowd.

via life as a strawberry

Moonshine Cherry Cheesecake Bites


One cherry, two cherry, three cherry, FLOOR!

via Mantitlement

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