Disgustlingly Bizarre Ice Cream Flavors You Have to Try!

Getting ice cream is a pretty standard experience nowadays. You can go and try all 39 flavors at your local ice cream parlor, but chances are they won’t have anything more unusual than green tea or rum raisin.

And actually, quite frankly, this is ok, because you might not want to be stuck with a cone full of the flavors on this list. Here are 24 of the strangest, most bizarre ice creams from around the world.

Jellyfish Ice Cream


Jellyfish doesn’t really have a taste, but when it’s added to ice cream, it can do some pretty weird things…

via Nongata

Coronation Chicken Ice Cream


It’s a chicken salad-like dish first served at Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953. So, for the diamond jubilee, it was turned into ice cream. Thus, mayonnaise, raisins, and chicken, all in an ice cream flavor. Mmmm.

via The Guardian

Haggis Ice Cream


“I used top quality haggis for the ice-cream,” says its Scottish creator. So even if you don’t enjoy it, just realize it has the best stuff going into it.

via Daily Mail

Garlic Ice Cream


If you’re into savory ice cream, this might be right for you! If not, then forget it.

via Garlicster

Asparagus Ice Cream


Your favorite vegetable – now in ice cream form!

via Endless Simmer

Bacon Ice Cream


We’ve seen bacon candied, covered in chocolate, and put in milkshakes. Maybe bacon ice cream isn’t so bad.

via Food Channel

Corn Ice Cream With Edam Cheese


Corn and cheese sounds pretty great when placed before “chowder”, but not really before “ice cream.”

via Turkey Hill

Smoked Salmon Flavored Ice Cream


Fish, made more savory, then thrown into ice cream. Yum.

via Big Shocking

Charcoal Ice Cream


It’s supposed to be really popular in Japan! Maybe that’s enough to get you to try it. After horse flesh though, maybe not.

via Atomica

Squid Ink Ice Cream


It’s mostly psychological, because according to people who’ve eaten it, it mostly tastes like plain ice cream. Not vanilla, plain. No taste. So if you’re cool with ingesting squid ink, go for it!

via So Wayfarer

Durian Ice Cream


More power to anyone who can get past the stench of durian to enjoy it–just don’t eat this ice cream in public.

via Year of the Durian

Cereal Milk Ice Cream


For some reason, despite the deliciousness of cereal, making ice cream out of the leftover milk just sounds…ugh.

via Telegraph

Pet Bird Flavoured Ice Cream


Again, Japan. Don’t worry about whether or not Polly’s taste is represented – there are THREE flavors of Pet Bird to choose from! Okay, okay, these are flavored with your pet bird’s favorite treats–not the birds themselves!

via Kawaii Kakkoii Sug

Lobster Ice Cream


Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium serves up New England’s favorite crustacean in ice cream form.

via Fox News

Raw Horse Flesh


The famously hideous ice cream is from Japan. I don’t know if they tested it to see if it tastes authentic, and frankly, I don’t want to know.

via Seriously For Real

Fish-And-Chip Flavour


Of course it comes from the UK!

via Fredericks Diaries via Serious Eats

Spaghetti And Cheese Ice Cream


Made in an ice cream shop in Venezuela, it’s cheese flavored with pieces of spaghetti. No word if they can top it in tomato sauce.

via Turkey Hill

Foie Gras Ice Cream


Made from real foie gras and wine! Mmmm…goose liver ice cream.

via Eat Love Savour

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