Win Your Halloween Party with these Awesome Costumes!

Couple costumes effing suck.

Each year, it’s either choose between some double entendre that’s usually extremely sexual in nature, or some lame-ass celebrity couple.

And every year, it’s a resounding, “No, thank you” on my end.

Seriously, is there no more originality any more? No one out there who can save me from these ridiculous Kimye costumes?!

It looks like my prayers may have been answered. I refuse to miss Halloween, so will praise these people for finally figuring out some hilariously amazing, non-gag-worthy costumes that everyone of you should try.

Cards Against Humanity

Board games have become huge, and this is by far the best one. As hilarious as it is, I’m not sure how confident I am in this couple lasting the night…

via 9gag

Randy and Randy


That’s right. Both of you dress as Randy from South Park: one as regular Randy, one as cross-dressing Randy. Better yet? Switch halfway through the night and freak out your friends!

via reddit / frankreddits

Jack and Jill after they fell down the hill


There’s blood. There’s nursery rhymes. There’s cute dresses. This couples costume is everything.

via Instagram / @amylegatewolfe

The Royal Tenenbaums


Let’s be real. It didn’t matter that she was adopted and “technically” his sister. Margot and Richie Tenenbaum are soulmates. Another disturbing couple example comes up in number 13.

via Instagram / @emlykrrs

A bee and its beekeeper


Yet another awesome costume where you can be cute but also have fun. I am beeyond jealous of it (see what I did there?).

via Instagram / @jdance05

Sarah Palin and John McCain


You may not be able to see Russia from your house, but you can definitely see why this costume is amazing.

via Brit + Co

American Gothic


With the frame, you’re a work of art. Without it, a cute elderly couple. Either way: win.

via YahooEU

Army man and woman


Walking could prove difficult, but it’s worth it for this costume. It’s not the only costume with an awkward prop, though, as you’ll see in number nine.

via Coolest Homemade Costumes

Peter Pan and his shadow


I mean, Peter Pan is usually played by a girl any way. So why not be original and have his shadow instead of Wendy? You have then killed Halloween.

via 9gag

Reversed Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke


Because the original is horrible, so make the best ironic costume ever.

via Shandy Media

Butterfly catcher and butterfly


This is the perfect couple costume if you want to be cute, and the other person wants to be hilarious. Loving it.

via Julie Ann Art

Spartan cheerleaders


All you need is a chess team to make this costume complete. This is pretty cute, but number five is adorable!

via The Art of Living

Lightning strike


This isn’t just super awesome, it’s super easy! So in love.

via Julie Ann Art



By far the nerdiest costume out there. And it’s absolutely adorable.

via Costume Works

Paula Deen and a stick of butter.



Because butter makes everything better, including this costume.

via The Huffington Post | Diana Hibbs

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