15 Award-Winning Whiskeys From 2015

The world-renowned Jim Murray, who’s like the Roger Ebert of whiskey critics, released his list of the top whiskeys in the world for 2015. There was an upset due to the fact that not a single Scotch whiskey made it into the top five and the Canadian whiskey Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye was named the winner worldwide. Let’s check out the notable winners according to the Whisky Bible 2015 written by Jim Murray.

Ballantine’s Finest (Scotland)


Ballentine’s is an incredibly stylish blend of four different grains and 50 different types of whiskeys. This whiskey is as smooth to drink as it is to pour.

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Powers Gold Label (Ireland)


This Irish blend has risen above the competition to become one of the most distinguished names in the world of whiskey. With its spicy and strong taste, it’s no wonder this whiskey won for Best Irish Blend of 2015.

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Notch 12 (USA)


Despite a lot of heavy competition, The Notch from Nantucket was named best micro brewed whiskey in America this year for its warming taste and incredibly smooth experience the whole way down.

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Sazerac 18yo 2014 (USA)


Sazerac whiskey has made a name for itself with its strong flavor, hearty aroma and bold consistency from year to year. This whiskey won for best blended rye that’s aged 11 years or more.

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Kornog Taouarc’h Chwec’hved 14 BC (France)


This blend took home the best European Blend Single Malt whiskey of the year. This is one of the first years the Celtic French region of Breton has taken home a title in the top ranks of the Whisky Bible by Jim Murray.

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Amrut Greedy Angels 10yo (India)


This whiskey from India snatched up the award for best Asian whiskey of the year. Considering the weather in India is so radically different than most countries famous for their whiskey, this miracle in a bottle is a true treasure.

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English Whisky Co. Chapter 16 / Peated Sherry Cask (England)


This extremely rare blend only produced three hundred bottles, making it a rare jewel to acquire for whiskey lovers. This unique sherry twist creates a flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

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Booker’s Bourbon 63.95% (USA)



This bourbon is on rare release due to its high alcohol content after being aged eleven years and filtered straight from the barrel. Although it’s strong, this bourbon’s exceptionally strong body will leave a flavor to be desired.

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Buffalo Trace Single Oak Project Barrel #20 (USA)


With a vibrant scent that combines honey and citrus, this bourbon is the definition of smooth. With its rich body and full flavor, it’s no wonder Buffalo Trace Single snagged an award for being one of the best bourbons worldwide this year.

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Glenfarclas 1957 Family Casks #2110 (Scotland)


This trailblazing scotch made serious headlines this year by winning first place in the categories for Best Single Malt Scotch and Best Scotch 41 Years & Over (Single Cask).

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William Larue Weller Bourbon (Bot.2014) (USA)


This legendary Kentucky whiskey has been around since the 1800s and the company has consistently produced some of the greatest whiskey in America. Unlike other Kentucky bourbons, this drink blends in wheat instead of rye for an unforgettable flavor.

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Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye (Canada)


World-renowned whiskey critic Jim Murray said, “To say this is a masterpiece is barely doing it justice.” Murray named it the number one whiskey in the world for 2016, scoring it 97.5 out of 100 on his rating system in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2016.

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Suntory Yamazaki Mizunara (Bot.2014) (Japan)


This drink marks the 30th anniversary of this premier brand of Japanese whiskey, which is aged in Japanese oak barrels for a distinct taste and bold flavor. Get yours quickly because there are only 1600 bottles of it!

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Midleton Dair Ghaelach (Ireland)


Unlike many Irish whiskeys that are aged in oak barrels from the U.S. or Spain, Midleton is aged in traditional barrels from oak trees from Ireland. This gives the whiskey its world-renowned signature aroma and classic vanilla and honey seasoning.

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Pikesville Straight Rye (USA)


Pikesville Straight Rye has been around since before the Civil War. Beyond moving from being brewed in Maryland to Kentucky, Pikesville has remained a classic name among American whiskey worldwide.

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