Australia: The Most Dangerous Place On The Planet

Australia has gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous places on the planet. People often joke that every little thing can hurt you — from the flowers to the gigantic animals that roam the vast expanse of the island.  We’re not here to cultivate an unwarranted terror of Australia.  Instead, we’ll prove the concern is real and the reputation well deserved.  Listed here are 42 pictures pulled straight from Australia. Buckle up, this is gonna be a wild ride.

42.  Hungry, Hungry Pythons

Here we see your run of the mill python-eating-crocodile situation. Wait, that’s only run of the mill in Australia! These pythons are out of control — and no we aren’t talking about our killer arm workouts.

41.  Did we mention hungry Pythons?

There’s a lot to digest in this picture. First, look at how huge that python is. Second, look at what it is eating: some sort of vampiric monster. Oh, it’s just a common flying fox? Yeah, we’re not feeling any better. It has hands, for goodness sake.

 40. The Python and the Wallaby

The wallaby is an adorable little creature that shares the same genus as the kangaroo. So of course here is a picture of a python eating one. We’re four images in and completely ready to swim back to America.

39.  The Flying Fox

Hey, we love little red foxes — wait, nope, this isn’t what we expected. Flying foxes in Australia are actually just gigantic bats. They allegedly don’t bother humans. Still, when a creature looks big enough to fly off with a baby then we are going to be creeped out.

38. While You Shop

You can’t even go to the mall without needing to watch your back. Here is a nearly 20-foot python slithering around a store.

37. The Cassowary

If snakes are bad then birds have to be better, right? Not quite. Here we see an angry cassowary flexing its incredible leg strength. This is the third largest, and strongest, bird on the entire planet. They can kill humans by gutting them with a kick.

36. The Australian Paralysis Tick: Before and After

Was there any blood left in that guy? The Australian Paralysis Tick can suck your blood until they pop while simultaneously releasing a paralyzing neurotoxin into your body. The neurotoxin has been found to paralyze fully grown men.

35. They don’t stay in the water

The line between the ‘wilderness’ and the Costco parking lot can blur in Australia. Here we see a crocodile swimming up to its own parking space.

34. The Lace Monitor

This monitor lizard, also referred to as a Goanna, can grow up to seven feet in length. They can also climb the walls of your house and root through your garbage.

33. The Crickets will make you yelp

What have we got here? Oh, just the most horrifying looking insect in all of nature. What went wrong when Mother Nature was designing the Mole Cricket?

32.  Even the Earthworms are scary!

This earthworm looks like an extra from the Tremors film series. They aren’t deadly or dangerous but they sure look unpleasant to be around.

31.  Is that a dinosaur?

Nope, still just a crocodile.  What kind of job entails this kind of duty?

30.  Who are we rooting for here?

Your best bet for survival might lay in something bigger coming along to kill what was trying to eat you. Yeah, that’s kind of a long shot.

29. That’s the captain of the ship

Okay, we’re obviously joking. Still, this is a great reminder that humans don’t live outside of the food chain. Being in the water at the wrong time could lead you to becoming something else’s food. That’s just hard to hear.

28. Check under the bathroom lid

Snakes are a pervasive part of the Australian experience. In fact, visitors need to get into the habit of checking under their toilet lids before using the bathroom.

27.  A spider eating a snake?  Yep.

Are we more scared of the snake or the spider big enough to eat the aforementioned snake? Here we see a Golden Silk Orb Weaver. This spider hunts birds, bugs, and even snakes.

26.  Welcome to your hotel

Ah, why are you screaming? What do you mean? America doesn’t have colonies of spiders living in the living room?

25. Maybe take the back door

Just when we were warming back up to snakes, after all of those bugs, we are right back where we were. Yeah, you might want to call animal control for this. Australia has animal control, right? Or are you trained from birth to handle these monsters, like some sort of gritty real world Pokemon trainer?

24. Shark-Eating Crocodiles

Yeah, bull sharks can be scary. But what is scarier than a saltwater crocodile EATING the bull shark? This particular crocodile is over 10 feet long and has been nicknamed Brutus by local tour guides.

23. Golfer-Eating Sharks

Sharks had to make a comeback on our list. Here we see a shark in the water on a golf course. We’re starting to think that golfing in Australia isn’t all that relaxing.

22.  Did we mention Giant Centipedes yet?

If 8-legged spiders don’t scare you, what about 6 inch venomous centipedes? The largest centipedes in the world can be found in Australia.

21. Great White Sharks

Australia is revered for being one of the greatest surfing spots on the planet. It is also home to some of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean.

20. The Tiny Irukandi Jellyfish

Filled with deadly venom, the tiny Irukandi Jellyfish is the deadliest creature that Australia has to offer. The venom of this jellyfish is up to 100 times more potent than a cobra. You would never know what stung you.

19. Saltwater Crocodiles

These fearsome carnivores can reach up to 23 feet in length while weighing in at over 2,500 lbs.

18. Golfing isn’t even safe

We assume that Australian golfers stick a machete to their golf bag when they go out to hit the green. We’re not sure that we are so into golfing anymore.

 17. Check the water before you get in

Don’t go blindly cannon ball jumping into your pool. Make sure to check the water first, crocodiles show up wherever they want.

16.  Hitching a ride

You aren’t even safe when you leave Australia. Here a gigantic python attaches itself to the wing of a commercial plane.

 15. The swarming spiders of Australia

For some reason you will occasionally see spiders flock and swarm around towns in Australia. Cars, mailboxes, light posts — they’ll all be covered in webs and arachnids.

14. The Australian Soldier Beetle

Did someone mention ‘swarms’? What you see here is a swarm of soldier beetles, also known as leatherwings, making life miserable for everyone. They aren’t dangerous but we wouldn’t want them covering our car door, now would we?

13.  Funnel Web Spiders

This bucket is filled with Funnel Web Spiders and it was collected at a campsite in the Blue Mountains. Every single spider in this picture can kill someone with a single bite.

12.  Blue Ringed Octopus

Even the pretty animals can kill you. The Blue Ringed Octopus is a venomous creature that will always kill you if it attacks you. There is no antivenin developed at the moment. Yeah, someone should probably get on that.

11.  Look at this Monster

If we saw one of these monsters crawling on our car we would have to walk to work. We’re not sure what kind of spider this is, but it is horrifying.

10. Did we mention the Flying Fox?

Imagine that you are going out for a jog one evening and you hear the flapping of leather above you. You look up in time to see this flying fox above your head. If you don’t instantly think of Dracula then we know you are lying.

9. Starting to think that Spiders run the show

Upon researching Australia we were fully prepared to fear the crocodiles and gigantic snakes. Nothing prepared us for the prevalence of disgusting and gigantic spiders. We can’t even look at the image anymore. Keep scrolling, please.

8. Now, did we mention the Giant Centipedes?

Oh, I remember mentioning them. Here is just another reminder. These giant centipedes will attack if they are disturbed or touched even if you don’t mean to do it. The outcome of a centipede bite in Australia? Agonizing pain for several days on end.

7. Just a friendly reminder

Oh you aren’t used to seeing signs warning you of being grabbed and killed by tentacled, underwater creatures? Well, welcome to Australia and enjoy your stay.

6. Though the danger can be beautiful

You would definitely, probably die if you jumped into that water. Still, it is kind of beautiful from the safety of our screen.

5.  Venomous Snails are a thing, too

If we have to die in Australia, please don’t let it be due to a snail sting. Marble Cone Snails are predatory little creatures that have enough venom to paralyze and kill a human being.

4. This is hail

If you hear a warning about incoming hail in Australia then seek shelter. These hail rocks are larger than pool balls. You’re looking at a potential for concussion, for sure.

3. The heat is a constant threat

If a heatwave can kill hundreds of child sized bats, imagine what it can do to actual children. When the animals and bugs aren’t killing you, you might end up getting offed by the weather.

2. This is one of the deadliest fish in the ocean

What you see here is the Reef Stonefish and stepping on it will lead to agonizing pain and potential for death.  If you are in the shallows or navigating a reef be sure to keep your eyes peeled at all times.

1.  Shark-Eating Dingoes

Okay, so we doubt that dingoes will regularly eat sharks. Still, this dingo ate a shark. Dingoes most commonly hunt kangaroos.

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