When idiots try to get through airport security.

Some people just are going to amaze you. Who hasn’t ever been stopped at airport security and had your bag searched? Perhaps you forgot to take something out of there that you shouldn’t be flying with. A small knife or a pair of nail clippers? Liquids? What if you got caught flying with one of these idiotic and outrageous items that have actually been confiscated at the airport? I could only imagine…

What in the world is this?


Grenade man, certainly not acceptable for carry-on, or any other place on an airplane in my opinion. I always wonder what people are even thinking (or are they) sometimes.

Cow Dung Toothpaste


Cow dung toothpaste – I know ancient royalty used to use baby urine as mouthwash, but I just can’t see how anyone came up with cow poop to put in their mouth?  I just don’t get this.

via Amusing Planet/Taryn Simon

A stuffed armadillo


Why anyone would want a stuffed armadillo dressed up as a cowgirl I’ll never know?!

via Telegraph/Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

Creepy masks


Halloween fun, or BDSM craziness, you never know what you’ll find on the internet (and in airport baggage!)

via Telegraph/AFP/Getty Images


Freddy Kreuger claws


Freed Kreuger or Wolverine claws just aren’t going to make it through security anywhere folks; don’t waste your time!

via Telegraph

Bazooka gun


So a guy tries to bring a bazooka on an airplane – no this isn’t a movie, it really happened.  He was denied.

via Memolition

Razor blades in a Scooby Doo card


My guess is that they learned this little trick in prison.  Where he will be going back to shortly.

via TSA

A knife inside an enchilada


It would have been easier to to check your luggage wouldn’t it?

via TSA Blog

.40 caliber firearm stuffed inside a Mickey Mouse toy


Poor, poor Micky – stuffed with a handgun.

via CNN

Double-edged sword inside an Eiffel tower souvenir


Check your luggage people!  Why are you trying to take this into First Class?

via Twitter/@TSAmedia_NicoM

Bejeweled Lipstick gun


I know you can put a gun into anything now-a-days, but into a lipstick canister is pretty ingenious.

via Click on Detroit 

200 tarantulas


In 2012 at Amsterdam’s Schipol airport, officials found  millipedes, crickets and other insects crawling around inside tubes in a German couples suitcase.  They had brought the illegally collected rare insects on a trip to Peru.

via Vintage Wings

Sex toys 


I don’t think this is illegal in most states, but I bet it was embarrassing for the couple who’s bag had over forty ‘marriage enhancement devices’ found by security.

via busyboo

A bag of eels


Gross, gross, gross.  I would have a heart attack if I opened that bag!

via Traveller 24 News


A Chastity Belt


A Medieval father packed up a chastity belt for his teenage daughter, and it was found by official rummaging through his bags.

via Miss CM 

A bag of dried up caterpillars


Not sure exactly why you might need dried up caterpillars, but to each his own, right?

via Telegraph

A tiger’s genitals 


Hope it wasn’t Tony’s?  Ha!  On a serious note though, this has to stop killing endangered animals for food, ‘medicine,’ and profit.

via Ross Mounce

75 live snakes


Snakes on a plane?  No way in the world would I carry 75 live snakes anywhere, let alone on an airplane.

via IMDB

Easter eggs made out of cocaine


It is a good thing a kid didn’t get a hold of one of these?  He would certainly skip naptime.

via CNN 

94 iPhones


This young man was arrested traveling from China into the U.S. in 2014.   People will do some really strange things to smuggle in phones.

Cocaine-Stuffed Goat Meat


Drugs are certainly the most common illegal items the smugglers try to sneak past customs, but some of their methods are truly interesting.  Last year, a man from Trinidad stuffed over 7 lbs of cocaine into three large hunks of goat meat and put that in his luggage.  Lacing food is very common-there was also a Guatemalan man that put 118 small ‘chocolate’ chips with pellets of cocaine inside chocolate chip cookies.

Cow brains to feed their pet zombies.


Also in 2012, airport officials in Cairo, Egypt seized over 400 pounds of frozen cow brains from three smugglers from Sudan as cow brains in Egypt are expensive and they could import these cheaply from their home country.  No word on whether zombies ate the brains after officials destroyed the undeclared contraband.

A Live Tiger next to Tigger


One Thai woman attempted to smuggle a baby tiger cub next to a stuffed version of Tigger into Iran in 2012.  The woman sedated the cub, wedged him next to Tigger and denied any knowledge of the live tiger in her baggage when she attempted to leave the Bangkok airport.

1 year old dead skull used for voodoo


A 30 year old Haitian woman traveling to Miami in 2006 tried to bring a real skull of from a man who had died a few months earlier.  You cannot bring real human remains without a death certificate or if you have a good reason, like if it is for educational purposes.  She told officials she had purchased it legally and wanted to practice voodoo for her friends and family.

A severed Harbor Seal cub head?


In late 2004, a biology teach flying to Boston from Denver was stopped when officials found a severed seal cub head.  He claimed to find it dead on Revere Beach and wanted to show his students; he was denied and the head was seized since federal laws prohibit the transportation of some wildlife.

Cocaine panties!


I’m not going to lie-that does not look comfortable!  I can’t imagine sitting on hundreds of thousands of dollars attached to me and facing years in prison if I were to get caught.  Desperate people do desperate things though and the allure of riches can be tempting.

Boobs filled with cocaine?


A Colombian woman in 2012 was arrested in Barcelona, Spain after arriving with blood-stained gauze near her breasts.  Apparently, she had aroused the airport officials suspicions when she could not give any details as to why she was visiting the country.  No pain, no gain!

Goldfish in your skivvies?


In Melbourne, Australia in 2005 customs officials stopped a lady traveling from Singapore with 15 bags filled with 51 tropical fish UP HER SKIRT!  She had custom sewn pockets inside and was wearing the fish when people near her heard ‘flipping noises’ coming from her person.  Pretty fishy!

I have pigeons in my pants!  Fly away!


In 2009 while flying from Dubai to Melbourn, Australia a man nearly took off due to having birds strapped to his legs.  Thankfully, the birds were ok as they were strapped in envelopes inside tights in his pants.  He also was found to be carrying illegal bird eggs, eggplants and other seeds.  What are these people thinking?  Or are they?

Monkey in my undies?


In the Mexico City airport in 2010, a man was arrested after returning from Lima, Peru with 18 Titi Monkey’s stuffed in socks in a girdle around his waist.  Sadly two had died before they could save them.  I am pretty sure that I don’t ever want one, let alone eighteen monkey in my pants.

Loaded Guns!

Celebrities With Loaded Guns!

The reality television star Benzino was arrested at the Atlanta airport when a loaded handgun was found in his luggage. The current CEO of Hip-Hop Weekly magazine, Benzino, appeared on VH1’s reality show “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” and was a co-owner of The Source magazine. Last year, Benzino was shot by his nephew while driving in a funeral procession for his mother in Massachusetts. May want to reexamine your life, Benzino!


An Edgewater, Florida woman, Cynthia Anderson was arrested in 2015 for allegedly drowning a two-week old Doberman puppy in a toilet in a Nebraska airport so she could catch her flight. She arrived at the Central Nebraska Regional Airport, was denied access to her flights because the puppies were too young and not in crates so she went into the bathroom and drowned one. When another passenger found it floating in the toilet, she told security and Ms. Anderson was arrested. Wow, just wow!

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