45 Insane Camp Spots: How On Earth Did People Sleep Here?

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors.  Everyone loves to get outside once in awhile to get some fresh air, and spend some quality time with good ol’ Mother Nature.  However, some people simply take relaxing in the outdoors way too far.  Listed below you’ll find 45 people who took camping to the NEXT LEVEL.  Seriously, you won’t believe where these people setup their tent for the night…

How, Just How?

We love how this looks but we do not understand how they work. Why is she so happy? Does she realize her tent is impossible to get back into? Is nobody else concerned about this?

Just a Little Further

We’re not sure what makes any sense about this campsite. Like, did we really have to back the car up to the edge of the cliff? Why is the tent on top of the car? There’s too much going on here that scares us.

Napping on Bikini Bottom

Where’s Spongebob? These two guys decided that a beach vacation wasn’t luxurious enough — they wanted more. So, they grabbed their laptop, a trustworthy selfie stick, and their camping gear and dove to the bottom of the ocean. Because: why wouldn’t they?

Convenient Camping

Have hipsters completely co-opted the world of camping? Are we really at the point where we drag entire beds outside to sleep on? Ron Swanson would disapprove.

The True Meaning of “Water Park”

“Just a little further back… a little further… ok perfect!”  Why settle for lakeside when you can literally camp IN the lake.  Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else?

Keep going.  They only get better…


Nothing was easy about setting up this camping spot. The hardest part? Explaining to your girlfriend’s parents why she broke her leg falling down the side of this cliff. “Because it looked cool” is not a winning answer.

Heights, Heights, Heights

Sometimes you just need to get away from the rest of the world. What better way to find some privacy than by suspending yourself from the side of a mountain? Even Jason Statham would flinch before sleeping there and he’s Jason Statham.

Ladder Not Included

We were skeptical of these tree tents at first but now we are all in. We only have one question: how do you get into the darn things? Is there a rope ladder? Do you have to walk across the tight rope? Actually, never mind we aren’t interested anymore.

The Beach View

Maybe suspending your tent in the air makes it safer from animals. We don’t care about the why because all that matters is this gorgeous view. Sure, late night bathroom breaks would be a pain but who even cares at this point?

Hammock Rainbow

We’re not sure who we feel worse for: the guy at the very top or the guy at the very bottom. Still, what says friendship more than strapping yourself and eight friends into a hammock rainbow?

Ocean Hammock

Perhaps she was inspired by our Bikini Bottom duo from up above or maybe she just knows a good idea when she sees it. We’re not going to even wonder how well an underwater hammock works but she looks happy, so good for her.

Scoot over a Bit

He never really cared how much she hogged the bed until it was too late. Yikes.

Traffic Stop

Who doesn’t sleep in the middle of the road?  Yeah, real funny guys — great joke. Seriously, I’m pretty sure a car is coming up quite fast behind you.

Fear Factor

Remember that old TV show where people were paid to do insanely scary things? Well, nobody paid this couple.

On the Edge

Are your palms sweating yet? We’re all for a good view but we tend to roll in bed. Let’s just say we don’t want to wake up while plummeting to the Earth below us.

Louisiana Swamp

This location looks gorgeous until you realize that those placid waters are filled with crocodiles.  We wanted to go on vacation, not become an appetizer for some apex predators down by the Bayou.

Nice and Level Tent Site

There can be beauty in emptiness. There can also be comfort in better (and more level) camping spots — so pack up, let’s find one.

Sleeping Under the Bridge

This guy single handedly redefined what it meant to ‘sleep under a bridge’. Of course, we are also sure that he is certifiably insane. Would you sleep in this suspended death trap?

The Hang Out

What could make your vacation more enjoyable? Well, by making it a death trap of course.There’s nothing like dangling your toes over the side of a cliff while you reset from the daily grind.

Lava Tubes of Utah

Now this is more our style. Sleeping underground has never looked better.

Sky is the Limit

We’re not sure who started the tree tent revolution but it looks equal parts fun and ridiculous. It also looks like a ton of work so we’ll be in our hotel room, thanks.

Luminescent Rest

Are we really seeing camping turned into a class war? We’re stuck shoving these $20 Wal Mart tents together while this lady looks like a Princess in her castle.

Oh, Florida

Before seeing this Lion King-esque tree we were already convinced that Florida was a bizarre place. Now the state has us wanting to pack our bags and sleep in one of their trees. Great, another bucket list item that will be hard to explain.

Cave Dweller

Does it count as relaxing when you have to scale the walls of a cave to get in bed? Adventure Camping in 2016, everybody.

 Tree Tent Committee

Erecting a tent is hard enough so we can’t imagine how long this picture took to come together. Do you think the guy in the blue tent is rethinking his decision?

Glowing Igloo

Look at this gorgeous view and really embrace it. Of course, when you are done you will have to sleep in an igloo. So, it’s sort of a toss up.

 A Different Perspective

To change your life you should just look at the world from a different angle. With that being said, we’re comfortable up here away from the cliff’s edge.

 Milky Way

Sure, the view is great but did we really need to set up the tent here? Wait, why are you standing on the edge? I’m getting anxiety just thinking about it.

Edge of Everything

Listen, we can appreciate challenging our fear of heights. However, when you are looking down on clouds it is time to pack it in. You win.

Winter Hike

The next time you invite us to the alps there had better be a Jacuzzi and a heated bedroom involved. Sure, the shot is gorgeous but there is no way we’d sleep in that tent.


We enjoy views like this when they are in Peter Jackson movies, not when we are just trying to catch a nights rest. Guess this is what ‘adventure camping’ is all about. Pack some extra Xanax.

Stand By Me

We can always enjoy a hip or ironic photo. However, that enjoyment can quickly turn to dismay when a train comes hurdling toward you.

Adventure Camping

How far would you go for a great Instagram post? Yeah, we wouldn’t pitch our tent near a volcano either. Still: imagine all of the ‘double taps’ this guy is getting.

Eccentric Tent

This would be an amazing place to camp if it weren’t for the multitude of spine busting rocks on the beach. Get your shot and let’s move on!

Beach Camping Luxury

What could make a night on this beautiful beach more impressive? Why, stringing your tent up in a hard to reach thatch of trees. That’ll do it.

Camping in Norway

We have never been to Norway and know even less about it. Therefore we must assume that the whole country looks this beautiful. And cold. Mostly cold.

Hang Me Up

If you think this looks like a lot of work for little reward then you’ve clearly never had a scorpion crawl into your tent. Wait, scorpions can climb trees? Ughhh.

 Jasper National Park

At first glance this looks like a nice remote camping spot. Then you notice the highway going through the trees. And that one wrong move in the middle of the night sends you over a 40 foot cliff.  Whomp, whomp.

Circle of Life

Have you ever heard of the Darwin Awards? These campers look to be competing for the trophy. Whatever they do they had better not jump up and down, we’ve seen enough Roadrunner cartoons to know where that ends up.

Front Porch Only

Sure, being able to actually leave your tent would be nice but how can you beat this view? This is an example of the infamous ‘potato chip cliff’. Seriously, look it up!

Ginnie Springs in Florida

These people are ruining the concept of ‘camping’ by taking it to a level we could never match. Yeah, we’re grumpy about it and no we don’t want to sleep in your sweet suspended tent.

Just Thinking

We get it, you look super sophisticated and your followers on Instagram are going to eat it up. Now, can we drag the tent back to the campground?

Summer Camping

Sure, the view might be great but why are there fins circling below us in the water? Do the sharks realize that this is a bad idea, too? On second thought maybe we’ll just chill at the hotel.

 Stars and Sleep

Let’s all admit that this picture looks amazing. The stars, the water, the rocks — it is all really cool. Let’s also admit that this would be uncomfortable as heck to sleep in.

Ultimate Group Tent

So maybe we were a little snarky about some of these tents. This get up looks amazing but we still have some issues with it. First off, there aren’t two other people in the world we’d want to be trapped in a tent with. Secondly, how do they get in? Furthermore, how do they get out?

Old School

This is a little more our speed but we are still skeptical. How in the world could those rocks be comfortable? We’ve also seen enough of Deliverance to know that banjos in the country represent nothing good.

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